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Benton Tally Register


Advertisement for Benton's #8100 Tally Register Source Early Office Museum

This small "Hand Counter" was used by all manners of profesions in order to do a relatively simple task: keep count. This job made many occupations easier by relieving the worker of the task of remembering a slowly growing number all day. It improved many peoples jobs, including those of train conductors, lumbermen, and farmers. It was small enough to fit inside ones pocket, and at the click of a button, raised the numeral on the register by 1. The convenience of this counter, along with it's relatively simple usage, turned it into a staple machine of the early 1900s.


Benton Tally Register MFG Co. New York

The Benton Tally register had a simple enough premise, all you did was click the button whenever you wanted the device to count 1 more thing. Every time you clikced it the number went up one, it was used in many professions where keeping track of a number all day long was essential and this device made those jobs (like track and field coaches and horse racing officials) infinitley easier.

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