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Wondrous Devices from the Age of Machines 
A Webzeum of Mechanical Calculators
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For BriCal enthusiasts, look at the new BriCal Model C page!:

Also new is the Romanculator Web App. :
Also see the The Abacus for neat photos and a video for the original retro calculator!

And check out the video for the ever-popular and Astounding Curta Calculator.
The Calculators

'Golden' Odhner

The Abacus
Ancient Wonder

The Astounding Curta


G. Westinghouse & Co. Tallier (1870?)

Digicus (Abacus + Digital)

Pilot (Japan)

Aderes (Adix) Column Adder

Golden Gem 


Charpentier Calculimetre

Brunsviga Midget

BriCal British Calculator

Bassett Adder

Victor (Webb) Adder

Naughty Boy Adder (Precise) 


Otis King Slide Rule


Pocket Cash Register



Benton Tally Register

Faber Castell Addiator Slide Rule Hybrid

The Locke Adder


HexAdat (Hex Addiator)


Fowler Long Scale


Stephenson Adder 



Resulta BS 9


Soviet KL-1 Slide Rule


Ricoh Alexe



Burroughs 'High Heel' 


Jorgensen Metric Conversion Rule


Tasco Pocket Arithmometer


Chadwick Adder

Ruxton Mechanical Pencil & Slide Rule RomanCulator Web App Quixsum Fractional
Adding Machine

Tiger Calculator (Japan)


Midget Circular Slide Rule

Sundstrand Adding Machine


Prewett Addograf

Thales RechenMashine German Calculator

Accoson (British)
Friden C10 Times Table Calculators Monroe 'mini' Model L

Fuller Adder
Contex Adder
Facit Model T-K Mechanical Calculator Brical Model C
Swift Adding Machine

Shop-N-Add Shopping Index

Midget Adding Machine

Fractomator Addiator

(On many of the retro calculators pictured above, you can click to see more photos and information)

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Below is a video of a clever adder made of wood and marbles (by Matthiaswandel):


Please add a comment to The Guestbook (say hello)! is most interested in smaller mechanical calculators and mechanical adders (not electric or solid-state), as well as unusually shaped slide rules. If you have something that might be of interest, please contact us.

Disclaimer and Thanks

This site is dedicated to celebrating the ingenuity of mechanical calculating devices of all varieties. Many of the photos appearing here were taken by me, but others came from ebay auctions or other varied sources. If some photo or other intellectual property of yours appears on this website without proper credit or permission, please know that I beg your pardon and am dedicated to correcting such errors and omissions as quickly as possible. I would be honored to give proper credit, or if necessary, honor-bound to remove any material that should not appear, per your instructions.

To all the owners of photos or mechanical calculating devices that appear on this site and elsewhere, my thanks for sharing these marvelously clever items with the web community.


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